The Tremont School Association (TSA) is a strong group of parent volunteers who help plan social events, fundraisers, enrichment programs and service activities for Tremont Elementary School in Upper Arlington, Ohio. Like you, we want our kids to love every aspect of life at school. And like you, we want a fun, active and welcoming community.

That’s why we encourage every Tremont family to become a TSA member. The more involved we are together, the more we can nurture our kids’ creativity, spirit of adventure and love of learning.





 Jill Paxton

Susan Fraizer

Aine Clements

Molly Carskadon
Courtney Smith

Recording Secretary

Jenn Miller

Communication Secretary

Val Bisdorf

April Vacchiano

Tremont Webmaster

Val Bisdorf 

April Vacchiano

Teacher Representative

Jen Spires